MK-770 the Tile Saw with Twice the Horsepower and Larger Cutting System for Efficient Job

mk 770 MK 770 the Tile Saw with Twice the Horsepower and Larger Cutting System for Efficient Job Click Here and Save 20% Today! star rating MK-770

The new and the highly improved version of MK Tile Saw, the MK-770 is a machine that uses EXP 1-1/4-Horsepower along with the 7-Inch Wet Cutting Tile blade is a must have product.

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This tile offers horsepower that is of the previous model so that you can cut tiles easier.

The MK-770 has cutting capacity large enough so that you can improve efficiency at work.

The MK-770 is an ideal machine for professionals as well as homeowners that wanted to furnish their floorings.  The latest MK-770 model combines the professional grade features together with the user friendly design for superb performance. This machine includes the water pump, the rip guide, as well as the rim blade that is 7 inches MK-200 model.

This machine is a wet cutting tool for tiles and uses enough water for all your cutting needs. The features of this machine are reliable especially if you are renovating your floor tiles like in the bathroom of the living room. MK-770 is the machine that is designed to do the entire right job for you.

You won’t have to worry about the maintenance of the machine because it has 1 year full product warranty.  The rip guide of this machine assists you to have accurate cuts. You can even cut tiles diagonally for various angled tile needs.

Make plunges that are precise on electrical outlets with the use of the new MK-770. The hinged guard of this machine allows you to change the blades easily. You can even tilt the head of this machine up to 45 degrees which is way much better than other tile saws in the market.

Using the new MK-770, you can cut tiles or marbles with ease. This is the main idea why this product is a highly recommended machine for any construction or renovation project. This model is regarded as a good upgrade because of the added features and improved parts.

Based on the reviews, the MK-770 is a tool that can be assembled on your own. It has stable stainless steel stand for support. The dimensions of this tile saw is small enough and very light to carry if wish to transfer from one job site to the other. The product warranty also protects you from breakage and other overuse of the machine.

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MK-770 Product Features:

  • This machine includes the 7-inch diamond cutting blade, the water pump along with the rip guide designed for quick and fast setup.
  • The MK-770 is a versatile saw with built-in miter system that is fully adjustable for precise and accurate angle cuts at 45-degrees.
  • The sole adjustment point of this machine is designed for accurate placement of the sharp blade in just few seconds.
  • It has height ripping head that can be altered and intended for plunge cutting using blades that measures 7 inches or smaller.
  • The guide-bar made from chrome and the linear bearing assembly are designed for accurate alignment.
  • The MK-770 has 1-year product warranty.


MK-770 Pros and Cons:


  • This machine is a great tool to use especially in cutting angled tiles.
  • The new MK-770 has powerful motor for robust job requirements.
  • This tile saw creates accurate cuts using the high end grid system.
  • This machine can be assembled with ease.
  • If you are looking for an affordable tile saw, the MK-770 is a must have.
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  • There are customers who have brought this product and encountered issues such as lost parts of the machine.


What customers have to say about the new MK-770?

Based on the experience of D. Parr, this machine is a great tool for home improvements. It has sharp blades for faster ripping capacity and a powerful motor for robust jobs. The latest MK-770 is a must buy tile saw in the market.

According to Roger A. Nesterby, the MK-770 is an excellent saw for all your flooring needs. This great machine has been a well loved tool especially to those who wanted to make their work fast. The MK-770 is a highly recommended tile saw.



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