MK-101 Tile Saw By MK Diamond is the Tile Saw with Precision And Reliability

MK 101 Tile Saw MK 101 Tile Saw By MK Diamond is the Tile Saw with Precision And Reliability Click Here And Save 26% Today! star rating MK-101 Tile Saw


The MK-101 Tile Saw by MK Diamond is the reliable tile saw with accurate cutting features.

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It is categorized under the Pro Series and its 2 horse power heavy duty performance makes it a choice among many customers.

The Baldor electric motor is run on 120 volts with blade length of 10 inches. It has all the features and product specifications that would enable it to cut through various types of tiles, granite, porcelain, lapidary stones and marbles.

This tool promises high quality outcome as it is made in the Unites States. This product is incorporated with so many great features to provide maximum tile sawing performance. The MK-101 Tile Saw is using the Baldor motor which is cooled inside by the fan which is high torque so it could provide efficient performance.

The dual sealed saw blade of MK-101 Tile Saw is lubricated permanently so you would not do any maintenance at all. The motor post can be positioned in multiple ways and you can easily do plunge cuts and diamond blades less than diameter of 10 inches. For granite and marble tiles, the profile wheels allow professional and clean contour cuts.

Another feature of the MK-101 Tile Saw is the Micro V-Drive belt that you can depend on when looking for that tight grip. The blade is easy to removed, thanks to its blade shaft lock. Cutting the materials precisely can be achieved with its guide bar which is chrome plated and its linear bearing. Maintenance is not needed because the motor post and the blade guard is also powder coated so that it will not corrode. The zinc plated steel frame of the MK-101 Tile Saw also prevents any corrosion to happen on this part of the tool.

Rental companies always consider the MK-101 Tile Saw as their standard due to its performance which are tough, reliable, and precise and also due to its rugged look. As for its specifications, this tool can cut through about 20 inches in length crosscut, diagonally, about 14 inches and the capacity of its blade is 10 inches. It weight 190 lbs and measures 36 in length by 22 inches wide by 23 inches in height. It uses a wet cut diamond blade measuring 10 inches and it also includes cutting kit, water pump, as well as side extension. All of these product specifications and features make up one of the best tile saw cutter table in the market, the MK-101 Tile Saw.

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MK-101 Tile Saw Product Features:

  • This tile saw is unique but heavy duty in terms of function because of the dual HP Baldor powerful motor.
  • It has an extended table along with blade shaft that are permanently fabricated to provide free maintenance operation even in years of usage.
  • The MK-101 Tile Saw features cutting head and motor post with multiple positions for convenient and accurate cutting of different sizes of tiles.
  • It has blade shaft for licking to remove the blade easily.
  • This tile saw can accommodates profile wheels with 6 to 8 inches circumference.
  • The accessories included along with the MK-101 Tile Saw are the 10 inches wet cut blade, the water pump, the cutting kit, the table with side extension and the folding saw.


MK-101 Tile Saw pros and Cons:


  • This MK-101 Tile Saw is easy to use plus it has powerful motor for rigorous jobs.
  • It can accommodate sizes of wheels like 6 to 8 inches.
  • The MK-101 Tile Saw has sharp cutting blades for cutting edge performance.
  • This is portable and convenient for a tile saw.
  • This tile saw has the patented technology that you can’t find in any similar product in the market.
  • This MK-101 Tile Saw is affordable if you are looking for a reliable tile saw.
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  • There are few customers who complain with regards to the rumbling sound while you are using this machine.


What customers have to say about the MK-101 Tile Saw?

According to NGM, this machine is excellent in terms of cutting edge features. This is a reliable tile saw especially if you are doing heavy tasks. The MK-101 Tile Saw is a well recommended machine.

Based on the experience of W.A. Freeman Jr., the MK-101 Tile Saw has the power however the engineering is not that good. Like any products in the market, it has it loop holes. With the features you can get from MK-101 Tile Saw, it is sure a must buy.

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