Dewalt D24000S the perfect Choice for a Tile Saw with Ultra Power and Easy to Assemble Features

Dewalt D24000S1 Dewalt D24000S the perfect Choice for a Tile Saw with Ultra Power and Easy to Assemble Features

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The Dewalt D24000S is just a perfect choice for those who plan to have bathroom renovation which requires the need for cutting stone and porcelain for works such as floor tiling.

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One reason why it became a favourite for many is its ultra-power performance despite the ease to set it up.

It has adjustable rollers to align the table properly and can give you a clean and smooth finish even without additional accessories such as cart block.

Dewalt D24000S tilts and automatically stops at 45 degrees. So, how about for huge projects? Is Dewalt D24000S still applicable and safe for use? Well, fortunately it is! This is because of the ripping capability of 24 inches with 18-inch measured diagonally. Great performance is made possible with the help of two flexible water nozzles. These permits precise placing of spray right to the blade whereas the optional side and water attachments catches over-spray and directly goes into the 5-gallon pan.

Moreover, the deepness of cut made by Dewalt D24000S is just enough to make cuts for pavers and V-caps. There’s also a fully incorporated stainless steel system in the frame for accurate cuts, a double position 45-degree guide for corner cuts and of course, a proficient motor with 1.5 HP capacities.  At the end of your working day, the cutting cart can be removed giving you a quick entry to the saw for easier cleaning up and within a little time.

Based on the product reviews, this Dewalt D24000S has surpassed the expectation of building contractors for a tile saw. This machine has been regarded as one of the best tile saw because of the features as well as the stable built. The Dewalt D24000S can give you the ease of work and can be transported easily.

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Dewalt D24000S Product Features:

  • The Cantilevering rail/cart system of this machine allows rips up to 24″.
  • The Dewalt D24000S has the 3.75″ depth designed for V-Cap and Pavers.
  • It can cut tiles diagonally up to 18″ in size.
  • It has quick plunge cuts for electrical passages and A/C registers.
  • The 15A Motor of Dewalt D24000S is capable of cutting stones and porcelain
  • This machine is run by 1-1/5 HP with the included 5 Gallon Water Pan.
  • This device has the Back & Side Water Attachments.
  • The motor slopes of this machine are up to 44/22.5 degrees with automatic stops.
  • It has Double Water Nozzle that lessens the possibility of overspray.
  • It is lightweight that it only weighs 69 LBS and can be transported easily even by one person only.
  • It features Removable Parts for trouble-free maintenance.
  • To ensure to accurate cuts, this machine has Stainless Steel Rail System.
  • The Dewalt D24000S comes with dependable stand, Compact Design & Light Weight.


Dewalt D24000S Pros and Cons:


  • This machine is portable and lightweight for easy transport.
  • It has powerful motor for robust jobs.
  • The good thing about this product is that you can cut tiles diagonally.
  • The stand can withstand any test so that you are assured of safe cutting.
  • You can always have accurate cuts because of the stainless steel system.
  • This is a wet tile saw to avoid friction and overheat.
  • The price is definitely economical for a robust tile saw.
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  • There are customers who complain about lost parts of the machine when it arrives at their door step.


What customers have to say about the Dewalt D24000S?

Based on the experience of Victor H. Agresti, this machine is robust that it can finish the job on time. The powerful of this device is dependable even in lengthy hours of work. The Dewalt D24000S is indeed a reliable machine.

According to Building Contractor, the Dewalt D24000S is a most preferred machine when you need a tile saw for the hob. This machine definitely features all the best quality of a tile saw. It also has the patented technology from Dewalt. The Dewalt D24000S is a highly recommended tile saw.




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