Dewalt D24000 the Multiple Purpose Tile Saw with Dependable Horse Power and Sharp Blade

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It is whether you are looking for a tile saw or just dependable one, the Dewalt D24000Tile Saw can deliver reliable and accurate performance so that all the jobs are done.

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This wet tile saw is capable of ripping tiles and it can handle any diagonal cuts.

The Dewalt D24000 has an integrated system for rail that helps worker ensure the precision along with the integrated miter that allows accuracy for bevel cuts.

This machine has the powerful motor with 1.5-horsepower that delivers enough power to cut hard and tough materials found on your jobsite. This tile saw can cut the depth of 3-1/8-inch and ripping capacity of 24-inch. The stainless steel railing system of Dewalt D24000 is designed for precision and accuracy.

It is convenient to use plus it is also easy to assemble. It has dual and adjustable water nozzles to control the water that allows the blade to stay wet. The Dewalt D24000 features its three year product warranty to ensure that the product is of top shape when you received it at your door steps.

Using the new Dewalt D24000, you can cut any stone or tile with accuracy. This machine is very versatile that you can use it at any robust floor jobs. The design of this machine is is powerful enough to product clean cuts similar to stone and porcelain.

The plunge is very versatile that you can create deep plunges with utmost precision. These are intended for electrical outlets, etc. You can cut V-shape or pavers using this machine. The new Dewalt D24000 has a guide that can create desired cuts.

You can even work overtime with this machine because it is built along with the patented technology from Dewalt. This is a durable machine because of the well tested stainless steel built. The good thing about this machine is that you can cut tiles diagonally for additional options.

Dewalt has been in the industry of creating sharp and dependable machines that can assist man in it robust jobs. One of the latest additions to its dependable table saws and tile saws is the Dewalt D24000. Based on the reviews, this machine is so up to date that it features all the things you need to have in a tile saw.

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Dewalt D24000 Product Features:

  • The Cantilevering rail or the cart system of Dewalt D24000 allows ripping capacity of 24-inch or 18-inch on diagonal cutting.
  • This machine weighs 69 pounds which means one person can transport it or assemble it with ease.
  • This tile saw has built-in miter feature at 45/22.5 degree for fast quick cuts of the angles.
  • The plunge feature of this machine allows user to have quick and accurate plunge cuts like for any electrical outlets or A/C registers.
  • The two water nozzles are used to adjust any optimal placement on of water to the blade so that you can minimize any mist or over-spray.
  • It features 3 years product warranty.


Dewalt D24000 Pros and Cons:


  • This tile saw has powerful motor to support all your needs.
  • The Dewalt D24000 has sharp blades and better plunge.
  • The good about this machine is that it is very light and easy to assemble.
  • This tile saw uses patented technology from Dewalt.
  • The price is economical for a tile saw.
  • It has warranty package that is very advantageous.
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  • There are customers who complain about the dislocated grid for alignment.


What customers have to say about the Dewalt D24000?

According to Victor H. Agresti, this wet tile saw is an innovative product from Dewalt. The features are reliable in terms of durability and function. The Dewalt D24000 is one of the most preferred tile saw in the market.

Based on the experience of David Wambolt, the Dewalt D24000 is a great tile saw with powerful motor. The blade is sharp enough and the cutting system is accurate. The Dewalt D24000 is a highly recommended tile saw.


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